Dear Supporters,

Last week was a great week for the Alyce Pipkin-Allen for San Diego Community College Board of Trustees-District D campaign! I received an endorsement from the Central Committee of the San Diego County Democratic Party AND enough donations to submit a ballot statement for the November General Election Guide. The ballot statement allows my campaign to reach 500,000 voters. The endorsement by the Central Committee demonstrates the faith the Democratic Party has placed in me. We must reach as many voters as possible before Election Day.

As my campaign progresses, please know I truly appreciate your continued support. I extend my sincere thanks to Gay Davis and Carolyn Hollins Johnson for hosting our General Election Kickoff at the lovely Valencia Park home of Mrs. Gloria Grant on July 31. This event helped me reach the donations needed for the ballot statement.

Contributions and volunteers are critical to our success. We lead by example in our grassroots campaign efforts. I maintain visibility throughout the district, and community at large, without the help of organized money. I am in the community because I want to hear your voices and represent you well. Rest assured I am always championing the needs of District D. On August 19, I participated in the ‘Catfish Club Luncheon Forum for Education Candidates’ at Bayview Baptist Church. I was the only voice present representing the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees.

Canvassing begins in September! Please call 619-302-4987 to volunteer to organize precinct packets.

Upcoming Events

Women for Pipkin-Allen (WPA) on Thursday September 1st @ 10:am
The Living Room, 5900 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115. All are invited!
My friend Mary Dawe is hosting a reception for me in her Mission Hills home on Sunday, September 11th


Alyce Pipkin-Allen
The Trustworthy Choice

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