Dear Supporters,

My birthday is tomorrow! As the Trustworthy Candidate for the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees – District D, endorsed by the Central Committee of the San Diego County Democratic Party, I am having a Virtual Birthday Campaign Fundraiser. Please hit the donate button below, or visit, and show your support by giving a small donation in honor of my special day.

  • $9.00    September is the 9th month of the year; I am a problem solving Virgo ready to fix the challenges District D faces
  • $3.00    The power of 3 is undeniable and I will be a powerful voice championing the needs of all San Diegans to strengthen our community colleges
  • $12.00    The combination of powerful problem solving is what we need on the Community College Board; I want to make your voice count
  • Join the “c-note club” by donating $100 in celebration of my many years of service in San Diego; I will continue to represent you well

Additionally, Next Saturday, September 10, The South Area of the San Diego County Democratic Party is having their official office grand opening for the November election. Volunteers are needed between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Contact Jessica Hayes at or 619-200-4612 for more information.


Alyce Pipkin-Allen
The Trustworthy Choice

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