Please join the Honorable Toni Atkins, Dr. Shirley Weber, Dr. Willie Blair, Cecil Steppe, San Diego Democrats for Equality and me in supporting Alyce Pipkin-Allen for San Diego Community College Board Trustee District D, the District’s Choice.

We need a Trustee who shows up in more places than just Board Meetings. We need MORE than a yes vote on the Community College Board; we need a Trustee who will educate historically disadvantaged communities about their opportunities within the Community College District.  In this anti-establishment year, Alyce has the ability to win. I’ve seen her in action, and, unlike the incumbent, Alyce is a fixture in the community.
As an alumni of the San Diego Community College District, I enthusiastically support Alyce Pipkin-Allen for Community College Board. Please vote for Alyce Pipkin-Allen if you live in District D on June 7, 2016, and again on November 8, 2016, if you live anywhere within the City of San Diego. Please also send an email to at least one or two people, maybe one or two dozen, either my e-mail or yours, with a subject line of: “AlycePipkin-Allen for Community College Board District D”

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